Payter is a pioneer and leader in contactless technology—with superior expertise and innovative products.

We obtained instant recognition in 2007 with the largest pilot in Europe for contactless and mobile payments and marketing. Since then, we have developed sustainable solutions for safe, reliable, efficient, and future-proof identification, e-ticketing, and e-payments.

Core values:

     • High quality for the right price

     • Customer focused: Impeccable service and knowledge

     • Compliant with international standards, EMV certified

     • Leading-edge design

     • Intuitive and user-friendly

     • Multifunctional and easy to integrate

Our unique platform combines payments with private loop cards, loyalty, and telemetry. Payter terminals are available in different forms (contactless, front mounted, all-in-one, table top), providing a flexible solution for all locations with, or without, an attendant.

A team of highly skilled developers build tailor-made hardware, software, and mechanical products for various markets, all under one roof, with a notably brief time between production and market. An efficient process combined with years of experience producing sophisticated equipment ensures an optimum price to quality ratio. 

Extraordinary, cost-effective products and services outperform competitors in design, price, and features—meeting all relevant agency approvals.

Currently, Payter operates in all European countries, Turkey, the United States, and Canada. 

Our expert team guarantees superlative customer service, and is available around the clock, 24/7, via phone or email:
1.800.838.8651 or

Payter terminals comply with the highest international standards.